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An inability to pass the sight requirements and a deep aversion to federal prison prevented Aimee from lying on her FBI application so she set her deficient eyes on what most Northern Virginians do for work - the non-law enforcement side of the federal government.

After twenty years as a federal contractor, she retired and turned to murder. Fictionally, of course. She began writing the Willa Pennington PI mystery series in 2014 and decided to set it in her "hometown" of Fairfax County because of the rich diversity and opportunities for a private investigator to become entangled in with interesting people.


Her first book, WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU has been nominated for a Lefty for Best Debut Mystery Novel and an Agatha for Best First Novel.

Aimee lives in Virginia enjoying LASIK-corrected eyesight with her family, three dogs, and all her killer thoughts.

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